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Salon: (708) 357-4550 | Cell: (708) 539-8474

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"Enhancing Your Beauty is a place of restoration for the woman, a soft elegant touch, a place where you meet women of all walks of life, enjoy conversation, beauty techniques, revival of the soul, and much laughter."

-Susan EvanAngel Wallace

"Professional, clean and inviting environment. I would recommend this shop."

-Cynthia Gregory-Robinson

"It was very clean in the inside , there was no super loud music going on . I was also in and out which was the best part."

-Ashley Smith

"It was a really relaxing experience and a clean environment! I would refer anyone to get their hair done there!!!"

-Karamel Kreme

"The atmosphere is wonderful and a place where you do not have to hear profanity. God is in the house and I love it. The owner is so friendly and speaks to everyone with a smile. Thanks for treating me with kindness and care."

-Rochelle Hagler Becke

"I love it very clean she is nice God fearing woman just a great place to get your hair done."

-Ayana Suett

"Great atmosphere. Very professional environment. And great customer service."

-Kim Carouthers-Perkins

"Great customer service and their all about hair, you get in and out."

-Terra Lovely Jordan

"Excellent and fast service! Professional atmosphere! Great work!"

-Eunice McClora

"Great place, nice atmosphere to get your beauty enhanced."
-Mary Berry

"I love Von she always make me happy when I leave"

-Earneshia J Butler

"The BEST braid artist in Chicago!! She's been hooking me up since she started!!! I pray she utilizes her gift forever!"

-Michellese Harvey

"She's the only stylist I've had that does my hair right and I don't have to fix it afterwards."

-Danyale Martin

Enhancing Your Beauty


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